Our real estate experts can guide and assist you in the process of buying a home or other property assets. In a meeting, they take note of your preferences and all the relevant details to find the right property for you.

After a thorough search, our personal shoppers visit the properties that best suit your needs, make a good selection of them and offer a presentation for you to make your choice.


If you need money to buy your home, you can rely on Acqua Real Estate’s financing partners, who will offer the best financing schemes according to your needs.

Likewise, Acqua Real Estate’s legal partners offer the legal advice you may need when buying/selling property in the areas where we operate. This way, you will just have to focus on finding the home of your dreams.


It is a set of techniques that enhance your house and give it a more attractive look for the possible buyers through modernizing the interiors and exteriors.

Using these methods, the strong points will be highlighted and the weak points of the property will be minimized. The aim is not to hide defects but fix them.


Throughout our history, we have helped clients make their real-estate dreams come true, offering comprehensive professional services. We manage property for sale or rent (long-term and holiday). We make procedures as simple as possible for your convenience.

Our marketing plans help homeowners sell their property as quickly as possible. They rely on a wide array of communication channels and techniques – photo portfolios, virtual tours, décor tips, and so on.