If you are a foreign national wanting to buy a home in Spain, you can get your residence permit by applying for a golden visa.

What is a golden visa?

A golden visa is a permanent residence permit issued to individuals who invest, often through the purchase of property, a certain amount of money into the issuing country. So if you are planning to settle in the Iberian Peninsula, buying a home can be a good way of securing your residence permit.

What is the investor profile required to apply for a golden visa?

Golden visas require investments of at least 500,000 euro, before tax, in the property market (homes or offices), among other sectors.

What are the benefits of having a golden visa?

Golden visa holders can live and work in Spain for one year. When this period expires, the golden visa can be renewed for another two two-year periods, provided that you keep the property you own in the country.

After living in Spain for five years without having left the country for more than ten or less than six straight months, you can apply for permanent residence. With a golden visa, you can move freely between European or Schengen Area countries.

Who can buy property in Spain?

The Spanish real estate market looks very attractive to foreign investors. Acqua Real Estate offers expert advice to guide you through the purchasing process, finding the best home for you, facilitating administrative procedures or identifying the greatest business opportunities.

We can give you accurate, up-to-date information on a wide range of properties worth 500,000 euro and up. Buying property worth at least 500,000 euro, you can get a golden visa, that is, a renewable residence permit that will enable you to invest, do business or pursue a professional career in Spain.